I hope you're having a great holiday weekend.  Ours was going well, but we have a little situation here at the Phillips house that we're wondering if someone can help us with!  It involves a 4 month old puppy that we have to find "alternative living arrangements" for QUICKLY! 

Isn't that a cute face?  This is "Cali".  She is a German Shephard/Bull Mastiff mix.  Our son, Ben got the puppy up in Plattsburgh where he attends school.  He's had her for 4 months.  He's gotten pretty attached to it, but unfortunately we just found out several hours ago that his landlord specifically states in the lease- "no dogs" allowed.

Ben has to go back to school, but the dog can't go with him.  We're in a little bind here.  Dorrie and I can't keep him with our crazy schedules, but we want him to go to a good home.

photo by Richie Phillips

If it would make things easier we could arrange to meet at the radio station after hours, and I introduce him to you!   We need to  get him placed quickly.    If not, my next step would be to try to  get him on Pet Connection with our good buddy Steve Caporizzo, but I thought I'd give this a shot first.

If interested in "Cali" (short for California), please contact me at Richie@wgna.com or comment below with an email address and or phone number and I'll get right back to you.  I think you'll be very happy with Cali!