Here we are, that time of year, High School graduation. Such a bittersweet time for parents. Celebrating the accomplishments your child has made and at the same time, about to send him or her into the big wide world, never really sure of how they will do.

There is always so much you want to say, you look for the right words, maybe try to fing a greeting card or a song that can help you express all of the conflicting emotions. You want so bad for them to understand that you really DO know how they feel and are as nervous and excited about their future as they are.

Well, you are in luck because I have found the PERFECT song that you will want to play for your kids this summer. You may need a tissue or two though, because as you sit down  with them and play this song there may just be a few tears shed.

Enjoy, The Graduation Song, by "Rhett & Link":