This drone thing is getting WAY out of hand.  Are we going to have to come out with anti drone missile systems or something? Now we have one crashing into the US Open! 

This isn't funny, people.  According to THE VERGE, a drone dove down into the US Open tennis match and crashed into the stands in Flushing,New York.   It was during the second round match between Pennetta and Miculescu.

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They actually had to stop the match for awhile and examine.  There is a rule that "noone has authorizetion to operate a drone over a tennis center".  NO S**T, Sherlock!

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The players were flipping out.  Pennetta thought it was a bomb.

So is THIS enough to pass some strict laws against these things?  What about the ones that are flying in commercial air space? When are we going to make flying these things in sensitive areas a federal offense?