Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

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My daughter is having some trouble at school. She’s in third grade and while she is very intelligent, she struggles socially and is not getting very good grades on her school work. She has trouble remembering things, like multiplication facts, and has a hard time with reading comprehension. The school’s special ed committee has evaluated her twice at my request and says she does not need any special accommodations and she does not qualify as a student with a disability – but then they call me and email me every day to complain about my child’s behavior and the fact that she is not doing as well as she should on her assignments. I personally feel my child needs a little extra help academically and with social skills, the pediatrician agrees with me, but the school says no. What should I do to help my daughter in school when it seems the school isn’t willing to help? I'm doing the best I can at home but I can't go to school with her.

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