I am a huge fan of The Simpsons, ever since the first episode in 1989. Heck, I even enjoyed the crude drawn shorts when they were a part of the Tracy Ullman Show. I even have the first 12 seasons on DVD and planning to keep collecting the rest as well. Like I said, I'm a fan. That's why I thought this video was so great. It's Homer Simpson giving his famous catchphrase "D'OH! from the first 20 seasons of the show.

Another great example of someone having too much time on their hands putting this together.  You would think that hearing four and a half minutes of the same phrase would really get old but I find myself laughing through the whole thing!

Speaking of D'oh I found this info on Wikipedia.Did you know?:
In 2006, "D'oh!" was listed as number six on TV Land's list of the 100 greatest television catchphrases.
D'oh" is a actually trademarked by 20th Century Fox.
Since 2001, the word has appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary.