It was a great day of golf.  That's not to say that I was great PLAYING golf, but I was with three college guys who were.  The only thing that gave me comfort during this experience was Sponge Bob Square Pants. ( That might need explaining)

Here's where we played this weekend.  Schenectady Municipal Golf Course.


Now let me first introduce the  three "scratch" golfers who left me in the dust

My phenomenal son, Ben, is home from the summer from Plattsburgh University.  He's majoring in business, marketing and has the uncanny ability to excel in literally any  sport involving a round thing.  Golf ball, baseball,  hockey puck - you name it.

Greg Ducharme attends Coastal Carolina University, and is a business major and AMAZING golfer.  I think he had a GPS implanted in his head at birth.  He just looks out there, sets his eye on the pin, and "wham-o" -there it goes.

I picked Dan Bradke to play with, because he said he was a relative newcomer to the sport.  I'll never talk to him again.  He has a very natural swing, and showed me up right from the first hole.  Dan attends medical school in Grenada.  A future doctor who plays golf - go figure!


And then there's yours truly.  I've now been playing for over 10 years.  The first time I really ever played was at our first Sean and Richie Golf Tournment (which is so ironic having a tourney named after you when you don't play!).

I have a total love-hate relationship with the game.  It's gotten to the point that I bring things to humor myself just to "lighten up".  This time I brought this:

It is a Sponge Bob Square Pants golf ball given to me on my birthday by our good friends, Dr. Debbie Snyder and Bruce Nelson.  I thought it would break the tension to see that pair of eyes staring up at me when I was ready to take a swing.  And although I still suck compared to these three guys, it did relax me to the point where I hit the ball just a little farther than normal - like 153 yards.

I'm not sure it made a big hit with the cool college dudes, but what the heck.  It was an awesome time, and I wanted to feature them in my article, because they are so damn skilled at the game but never mocked me (at least out loud)

Best of luck to all these amazingly talented college students.  (And when they start making huge  money on the national golf circuit -let them not forget the guy with the SpongeBob ball who paid for their golf carts.  LOL.