Nine cars were vandalized last week at the YMCA in Wilton.  How can you protect your car?

The car windows were said to have been smashed and items were stolen from several cars last Friday, proving there are times when simply locking our cars is not enough protection from thieves.  Even the new alarm systems are sometimes not enough.

I wanted to put together some helpful hints to share with you on how to protect your car from thieves.  Following these tips can make your car less attractive to potential thieves and give you a little piece of mind.  Remember, it’s not just in parking lots your car can be vandalized, some thieves will walk right up your driveway.

Smashed Car Window - iStock

Lock your doors: This is obvious but not everyone does it.  Whether you have valuables in your car or not - always lock the doors.  Not all thieves are just after what is IN your car, they could steal your car!  Keep it locked!

Keep your car clean: Clutter is attractive to thieves, they believe there could be something good among your mess.

Take out Valuables: Not having anything valuable in your car at all will ensure a thief can’t steal it.  What is valuable to you and valuable to a thief could be different.  Your sunglasses for example – could lure a thief.  Leaving your cell phone on the seat, even a shopping bag could interest them.  If you have to leave valuables in your car, put them in your trunk when you park – out of site.

Park smart: Park your car in a well- lit area or an rea with lots of foot traffic. Most thieves don’t want to be seen when breaking into a car, so will most likely stay away from these areas.

Although these are not all thief proof, it’s a good start to keeping your vehicle safe.  And as you always hear, if you see something suspicious going on in a parking lot or neighborhood that doesn’t make sense, call your local officials.