If you have not seen this video yet, let me apologies in advance for making you cry! I admit it, I teared up, I don't think you are human if you don't feel something for this kid. I also, just became a big fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers!

This summer 7 year old cancer patient, Jack Hoffman became a friend of the Nebraska College Football team. Jack had a golf ball sized tumor that was removed in 2011. The team virtually adopted little Jack during his 60 weeks of chemotherapy.

Fast forward to their big spring scrimmage game with 60,000 people in attendance and a new football star is about to arise. The team invited Jack to the game and even suited him up and on a forth down play, they went to the big guns!

Here is their secret weapon Jack scoring a touchdown that I imagine he will NEVER forget in what I hope to be a long happy life.