We have a couple days of very hot weather in store for us here in the capital region. I am also sure that before the summer is over we will probably have at least a couple of really intense heat waves, so I thought I'd research some tips to keep cool. SO I found some tips on surviving a heatwave on medicinenet.com, and I'll share a few with you.

1. Use Water. Water has amazing cooling effects on the outside of the body s well as the inside. When it is unbearably hot fill a bucket of cool water to soak your feet in.  Use wet towels and bandannas on your head and neck, and a spray bottle filled with cold water can refresh you all day long.

2. Stay Hydrated. Remember that water fuels your body's natural cooling system. As the weather gets hotter you need to replace essential fluids and electrolytes to stay cool. Drink plenty of water and sometimes sports drinks can be helpful for replacing the electrolytes.

3. Stay away from dehydrators. I know you will hate this part but remember that alcohol, caffeine and drinks high in sugar can actually dehydrate your body. Clearly staying away from these completely can be hard but try to keep it in mind. If your going to have that coffee in the morning, maybe drink extra water as well.

4. Keep the air moving. Use fans to keep the air circulating in the house, at night, you can use fans in windows to circulate the cooler air outside into the house as well as blow the hot air out. Remember during the day however to take them out of the windows, keep the windows closed and the shades drawn. Also putting a cooler or tray of ice in front of your fan can create a make shift "air conditioner".

5. Stay Low. Heat rises, remember the lower levels of your house will be cooler. If your bedrooms are upstairs maybe its a good night to "camp out" in the living room. If your basement is finished that would be an ideal place to hang out but even if it isn't a few minutes down there may refresh you a bit.

There you go, maybe those tips will help you to stay a little cooler this summer. You should definitely educate yourself and loved ones on the signs of heat related injuries as well. And please remember PETS need to stay cool too. Good Luck and God Bless.