Many people listen to our St. Jude Radiothon each August, and we appreciate it SO much. But we never get to show you "behind the curtain". Here are the top 5 essentials for a successful radiothon, which we are enjoying because of your generous donations thus far - KEEP THEM COMING at 518-346-0220

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    First you need coffee and plenty of it. Hi-test! (thanks to Dunkin Donuts in Rotterdam providing it!)

    Richie Phillips
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    You've GOTTA have a committed group of volunteers who donate their time each and every year to man (and woman) the phone bank in our conference room. How can we thank them enough?

    Richie Phillips
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    News 10's Steve Caporizzo

    You need local celebrities to drag themselves out of bed and help us on the air. News 10's Steve Caporizzo is always there for us, no matter what the weather (which he's in charge of!) He's like a rock star! The mere mention of his name makes the phones light up!

    Richie Phillips
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    Essential to have an IN basket that's fuller than an out basket. This is the basket that we draw from to read the pledges. We need a really full inbox to make this work. (hint hint)

    Richie Phillips
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    Paul Wein

    Last but not least, you need someone who's lived the experience to be on hand, and Paul Wein from the law firm of Lafave, Wein and Frament always "has our back" as well. His son was diagnosed 30 years ago this week, coincidentally and is doing well and out there raising money for St. Jude just like his equally dedicated father. Who better to talk about what St. Jude does than Paul?

    Richie Phillips