If you are like me, you have a couple of these laying around. I got some as gifts for the holidays and used them until they ran out. I was going to recycle them until I realized that you can make your own lip balm pretty easily and inexpensively in about 5 minutes.


Beeswax (Can be purchased at Michaels or online)
Coconut Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Peppermint Oil (or any scented essential oil)
Lipstick or Crayons for color
Plastic pots (Available at Michaels in the jewerly section but any small containers will do.)


4Tbs Beeswax
4Tbs Coconut Oil
1Tsp Vitamin E Oil (optional)
6-8 drops Peppermint (or an flavor oil) for scent
*You can use any 1:1 ratio of wax to oil to make smaller or larger amounts*

If you don’t want to use the microwave a double boiler works as well. Just place your (heat safe) measuring glass in a pan filled with almost boiling water and stir until ingredients are all melted. Add Vitamin E oil and essential oils at the end so that they don’t evaporate.

If you are re-using your old EOS container add any leftover EOS balm in the mixture and it will have an even silkier texture.

This recipe makes a firm balm. Use less beeswax if you want to make a lip gloss.