Whats not to love about living in Clifton Park? Here are some of my favorite things about my new town.

As new residents of Clifton Park, my family and I have been exploring and figuring out our new favorite places to visit and things to do. So through our journeys, here are some of the things I have grown to love about Clifton Park. And these are in no order of importance!

1. Living in the Same Town As the Shmaltz Brewery

Ok, maybe I lied about order of importance. After living in some great beer towns, my wife and I wanted to be close to another quality brewery. Being close to Shmaltz checked that requirement off the list. Great brews, a great tasting room, and a 5 minute drive from our house. Win, win, win!

2. Proximity to Natural Beauty

As built up and as much commerce there is in the CP, natural wonders and very rural areas are only a stones throw away. Right outside of town you can dig into natural wonders. We drove out to Bowman's Orchards recently to do a little pumpkin picking (What a great place!) and it took us only 10 minutes to get there. And let's face it, outside of everything on Route 146, Clifton Park for the most part is pretty quiet and rural.

3. Upstate Concert Hall

Hey, I am a country guy and an overall music fan. Having a venue 5 minutes from home hosting national talent is a HUGE deal. And with 2 big country shows coming up - Eric Paslay Nov. 11 and Dan and Shay Nov. 13th - I will take full advantage of being so close to Upstate Concert Hall!

4. Great Restaurants

From great local spots like the Rusty Nail to all the great chains we have, there are plenty of great places to eat in Clifton Park. Some of my personal faves so far are Caputo's for pizza and East Wok for Chinese. And we still have plenty to explore!