A website called "Only In Your State", wrote an article about the 13 best underrated restaurants in New York State and you can find two of them right here in the capital district.

It may seem to be a little unflattering when the site says these restaurants "don't look like much", but to be considered one of the 13 best places in the state that doesn't look like much is a pretty big compliment.

The truth is I have always learned to never worry about what a place looks like on the outside , it's all about the parking lot. If the lot is full the locals love it, if there are only a few cars.... keep driving! Nobody wants to eat in an empty restaurant.

So which local joints made the top 13?

"Poopie's" Dimanno's Lunch, Facebook Page

Coming in at number 10 on the list was "Poopie's" Di Manno's Lunch in Glens Falls.

The article says of Poopie's, "A local favorite that's been up and running since the 1950's, you'll find all your favorite dishes waiting for you here. While our favorite meal of the day to eat here is breakfast, we also can't help but love Poopie's incredible burgers!"


I don't know about how you feel reading this article but I am sure getting hungry and I do love a good burger!


Bob's Diner, Facebook Page

Also making the list at number at number 13 is Bob's Diner in Watervliet.

They say in the article, "Nestled right along the train tracks, this 24 hour diner has been a long time favorite and dependable spot to get good food at all hours of the day."

I have never been to either place myself but I would love to hear about your experiences at "Poopie's" DiManno;s Lunch or Bob's Diner. Is there somewhere else that you think should have made the list but didn't, let me know.