This is such a very sad story. It happened yesterday afternoon in the town of Ballston N.Y.  I don't think all the details of the accident have been released yet but from what we know, little Lane Rowe was a little boy with a Hero's heart.

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It seems that Lane's siblings, ages 12, 4 and 2 were in the family's 2008 Dodge Caravan when it began to roll back down an inclined driveway into the busy, Blue Barns Road. That is when Lane just 11 years old made a choice. Knowing his siblings were still in the car and it was rolling toward the street, Lane went to the back of the vehicle and tried to stop it from rolling.

The van eventually rolled over Lane killing him, but did only reach the shoulder of the busy road. All of Lane's siblings were uninjured. I don't know if Lane's efforts helped to keep his family safe but I know I like to think they did. It is just so hard to wrap your head around such a terrible accident happening to such a clearly wonderful warm-hearted child.

It reminds me very much of the situation with Joshua Farrel the little boy who died and in turn inspired me to start "Pennies From Heaven" to help poor children have Christmas. The only thing I could figure out after a long time of wondering how and why was that he was done here and off to become an Angel.

I have to believe that we are all here to learn, to grow, to become more worthy of Heaven. And for a child so young to be so selfless and courageous to risk himself for others can only mean he has learned all he can here, became all he can be here and is now safe and warm in the arms of God.

This is my hope.

God Bless you , Lane.