WGNA listeners love the lucky 107 dollar bill game!  Everywhere I go people are telling me thier stories about thier dollar bills.  These WGNA listeners shared their stories on Facebook, now we want you to share your story!

Debbie DeJohn Simmons Kevin, I think my husband has about 135 of them and his friend Dan has just as many. It is a contest between them trying to find them. Doug has been collecting them for I think about 6 years!

Anastasia Leach I used to have about ten. Now I'm down to two. A 107 and a 1077. I've had it in my wallet for at least ten years. It's well creased.

Suzanne Smith Guerineau Kevin I have a least 10. Would have more but my husband needed some money and he knew I kept money in the car so he helped himself taking the ones instead of the other money. Saving since the late 90's

Jaclyn Elizabeth Pierce My grandma and my mom have thirty each. They had them since the 90's.

Gina Marie I have 2 - 107 $ bills and I have had them since the 90's.

Donna DeBiase I have 3.. 2 1077's and 1 regular.. I used to have a few more but gave them away to friends so they would have one.. I've had them many yrs.

Nancy Farrar I'm a regular listener, but I had never played before. 2 weeks ago I decided I should check to see if I had any 107 dollar bills and was surpirsed to find a 1077 bill. I've been trying to get through since then. I can't figure out if I'm too fast or too slow dialing in. :-) I'll keep trying.

Carole White The one I have is so old from carrying in my wallet it is falling apart- I would bet at least 20 yrs old.

Becki Wiggand I have one my grandpa gave me 20 yrs ago, he won a lot from 107.7 with it .....me not so much lol.

Marcie Simkins LaPlante I have 4. Got one yesterday. The others I've had for at least 5 years!

Jean Fedele Bonolo My fiance has 39 of them. He has been collecting them since 1984. He says its as far back as Rhyming Richie and Gambling Gary Briggs were together.

Jenn Wick i have like 8 of them and i have had them for 6 or 7 years... got my first one when you very first started the 107 dollar bill thing :) I even have your call letters WGNA Tattooed on my left back shoulder lol.

How many lucky 107 dollar bills do you have?  Keep listening for your chance to win $107 and qualify for $1,077 with Country 1077/GNA!