It clearly takes A LOT of money to run for office. Have you ever wondered just how wealthy the candidates are? Thanks to "Money Magazine" I have a list of their worth here.

Mitt Romney, $85 million to $264 million.  Most of that is dividends and interest from his investments, and from giving speeches.

Jon Huntsman, $16 Million to $72 Million.  A lot of the money is tied to his family's business, the Huntsman Corporation.  His father is a billionaire.  Huntsman has dropped out of the race and is expected to endorse Romney.

Newt Gingrich, $7 Million to $31 Million.  He owns several businesses and makes the bulk of his money from his multimedia company, Gingrich Productions.

Barack Obama, $2.8 Million to $11.8 Million.  He gets a $400,000 salary as president, but the majority of his income comes from book sales.

Ron Paul, $2.4 Million to $5.4 Million.  He's invested in more than 20 mining, gold, and silver companies.

Rick Santorum, $1 Million to $3 Million.  Most of his money is tied up in real estate.

Rick Perry, $1 Million to $2.5 Million.  He makes $132,995-a-year as governor of Texas, and also has investments in several companies.

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