Most girls have the fairy-tale wedding in their mind growing up. Some even include the prince in it. I wasn't one of them. Maybe that is why I don't get the obsession with the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Obsession is an understatement. All the news channels are covering it and have made their way to London so they can be there. The countdown has begun! Morning news talks about it, noon and evening news has you covered. From the dress to who is invited, we can get the scoop. As of today, Meghan's father is not walking her down the aisle. Two days ago, he was headed to London! Who was invited? Who did not get the invite? What does the Queen think? Will she be wearing the same hat she wore for Prince Williams marriage to the Dutchess, Kate?

If you are really into it, you can get candles with Prince Harry's and Meghan's face on it. How about a plate with their initials? Condoms? Even a pillow with their name and wedding date. We can't forget the royal coins! And of course, who wouldn't want a bathing suit with their faces on a one piece?

Are we obsessed because this is just like a fairy-tale? Prince falls in love with an average woman! What? That doesn't happen, ever. Plus, it's actually, 'prince falls in love with an American divorced actress!' Don't get me wrong, good for her! She is marrying a prince! I just don't get the obsession! Will I watch? I could lie and say no! But most likely, the TV will be on. I'll walk by and stop and watch and say good for her! But I can guarantee, I am not buying the bathing suits with their faces on it!

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