As we near the one year mark of the pandemic and no shows, when could concerts realistically start taking place again?

Some potential timeframes are starting to come into view.

According to a CBS 6 story about the Times Union Center, arena officials are hoping to have some smaller events (Concerts or sports) with reduced capacity as soon as April or May. Times Union General Manager Bob Belber told CBS 6 they also have several concerts reserving dates in the second half of the year.

Based on where we are at this point in 2021, and where things stand with the pandemic, the Times Union Center's goal of April of May probably is the very earliest anything could take place. At WGNA we are always talking with concert promoters and venues as well as working on plans for our own concerts, and while nothing is concrete at this point, mid-summer is another target zone for things to hopefully get going, with a lot of folks feeling pretty good about shows happening in late summer or early fall.

While everyone we talk to in the concert business is optimistic, the tricky thing right now is these timeframes are all moving targets while we wait for the pandemic to get under control. How soon vaccines can be administered in scale and when infection rates get to levels where everyone is safe to go to huge mass gatherings will play a role in determining the appropriate window to start having shows again.

The good news is all signs are pointing to concerts and sporting events with fans getting going sometime in 2021 and we should start getting clarity soon when that will be. Between the vaccines and the state doing a test run of fans at the Bills' first playoff game, the foundation is being laid now to get the live events industry rocking again in the New Year. Let's keep our fingers crossed that is much sooner than later!

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