Video has been released of the fight that happened early Sunday morning outside Gaffney's in Saratoga. Three police officers were hurt and three people were arrested. NewsChannel 13 posted the video to their Facebook page on Wednesday.

It happened around 2am, police responded to an altercation located on the sidewalk outside the bar. The fight spread from the sidewalk into the middle of Caroline Street, with a large crowd of people watching and taking video of the fight.

Cell phone video shows the fight in the street with police arresting those involved. Security camera video shows people exiting the bar onto the sidewalk and that's where it appears the fighting begins. In the next security camera footage, police can be seen arriving on the scene at the fight is in the middle of Caroline Street.

Saratoga Springs Police released a statement on Tuesday:

As officers responded to the patrons fighting in the street, a large crowd gathered. Some persons in the crowd chose to video the incident. Others chose to yell, kick, and shove the officers. As a result, three officers were injured (one required medical attention), and three arrests were made.

Gaffney's also issued a statement in response to the police:

The egregious and dangerous assertion that our establishment is responsible for an altercation, or altercations, on a public street is yet another concerning statement from the police department. Gaffney's has maintained a professional and safe atmosphere for all our patrons, has been a community partner, and supported by our leading security team and we refute the continual targeting of our establishment.

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