Vince Gill and Amy Grant have been dealing with Grant's father's increasing dementia, which hasn't been easy. Thankfully, she is able to lean on her husband for support and love during such a difficult time.

“Probably not a week goes by that Vince won’t say, ‘If you need me to hold you, just sit down here beside me and put your head on my shoulder'," Grant tells Closer Weekly.

The singer's father's dementia is worsening, and he now needs constant care -- something that is an increasingly difficult pill to swallow. “It’s been a journey,” Grant says, noting that while her dad is healthy and on very little medication, he doesn’t remember her name.

"My dad has around-the-clock care because he needs assistance with everything -- and we’ve all done it,” the singer says of her and her sisters Mimi, Kathy and Carol. Together, the family is struggling to face the disease head on.

Naturally, Gill is supportive and tries to help increase his wife's happiness whenever he can. Lucky for her, he's always ready to make her smile or laugh. “He makes me laugh and he holds me,” she spills. “Yeah, I love the hugs."

It was that smile that first drew Gill to his wife in the first place, so he loves being the reason she has a grin on her face. “The first thing that ever drew me to Amy was that smile,” the country legend reveals. “I knew how kind she was and all of those things, but when she first smiled at me, that’s when my world flipped on its axis.”

Gill describes Grant as the serious one, and he takes on the role of being the not-so-serious mate to help balance their lives out. Sounds like they are both pretty lucky to have one another, especially during such a difficult time.

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