For those who live here we may pass these daily and not bat an eye, to tourists these things are essential stops.

Now of course you know the few typical things that are bound to be on any list for a tourist coming to the capital of the Empire State. One obviously is The Egg. When it comes down to it short of some of the biggest cities in the country no city has architecture as odd as The Egg. The other fairly obvious ones include the Empire State Plaza including the museum and the state capital building. Below is the entire list as compiled by UltramodernHome on YouTube.

  1. New York State Capital Building
  2. New York State Museum
  3. Washington Park
  4. USS Slater DE-766
  5. Palace Theatre
  6. The Egg
  7. Albany Institute of History and Art
  8. Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza
  9. Crossgates Mall
  10. Times Union Center
  11. Albany City Hall

Now these are things we don't see in the light that people from out of the area. Like for instance. I was with someone who had never seen Albany some weeks ago and they actually posted photos of The Egg and many other buildings in the downtown area on Facebook. It made me laugh but it does show maybe Albany is a tourist destination.



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