As heard this morning with Sean, Richie and Bethany!

There's a new survey about people's top vacation fantasies, and it proves that 'fantasy' means different things to different people.  Sex, romance, money, adventure... or just having your kids get along!!

Here are the top 10 -

1.  Going skinny dipping with your partner. Sure!  And, totally doable!


2.  Staying at a resort with celebrities. That sounds pretty fun, right?


3.  Horseback riding at sunset. Nah, not for me - but go ahead if you're into it!


4.  Joining the mile-high club. Hmmmmm... not a fantasy, but personally I'm not opposed to it!  Do you get a membership card?  Are there dues?


5.  Not getting into any arguments with family members.  Yes!  That's my fantasy everyday!


6.  A vacation romance with a stranger.  Oookkaaaayyy!  ;-)


7.  A romantic candlelit dinner.  Sure, but again, that's my fantasy every day!


8.  Having sex on the beach.  Nope, I'm gonna advise against that.  But, try everything once.


9.  Being rescued by a lifeguard.  Yeah, but only a hot one!


10.  Getting upgraded.  It happened to me twice, and it's amazing!

Do you have a vacation fantasy that isn't on the list?  Let me know in the comment section below!

Carsten Koall/Getty Images