The Music and Memories of March 25

2009- Dan Seals Dies.  Starting his career as "England Dan" with his partner John Ford Coley, they hit on the pop charts with 'I'd Really Love To See You Tonight.'  In the early 80's he goes Country with songs like 'Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold' 'Bop' and 'One Friend."  After a bout with cancer and a stem cell transplant he passes at age 61.

2006-  Buck Owens dies at age 76.  The night before, he performs for the last time at his Crystal Palace theater in Bakersfield, California.  Earlier that day, the former "Hee Haw" host, complains that he's not feeling well and is considering canceling his show.  However, after he meets some fans that traveled from Oregon to see him, he decides to play anyway.  After a chicken-fried steak dinner, one of his favorites, he puts on a show and dies in his sleep that night.

1974- Charlie Rich is a huge winner at the ninth annual Academy Of Country Music Awards.  Charlie takes Top Male Vocalist, Single Record, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year for 1973's hit "Behind Closed Doors."