Tim McGraw looks to be rehearsing for his role in the new television series 1883. On Instagram, the singer and actor offered evidence by way of a pair of black powder-stained blue jeans and James Dutton's journal.

James Dutton is McGraw's character on the Paramount+ show, which is set to premiere on Dec. 19. He is the patriarch of the Dutton family who moves to Montana, eventually leading to events seen through three seasons of Yellowstone (starring Kevin Costner as John Dutton). The matriarch is Margaret Dutton, played by Faith Hill. Sam Elliott is the only other cast member announced for 1883; he is playing a long-haired Shea Brennan who is leading a group on their journey west.

From this Instagram post, fans can gleam two things: the first is that McGraw's character can read and write (not a given in the late 19th century). The second is that there is gonna be some shooting. Based on the tone of Yellowstone, that seemed certain already — in fact, fans would be surprised if there wasn't a whole lot more than shooting through Season 1 of the prequel.

"Gettin in the groove for #1883," McGraw writes, "as for the jeans ... black powder blanks from quick draw practice!!!"

Poverty is a central theme of the new series, which makes a leather-bound journal something of great value to a man like James Dutton. We couldn't track the cost of leather in 1883, but some research shows that a yard of cotton flannel would set you back 16 cents. That's a little less than a pound of coffee (19 cents), but about equal to a pound of lard. Luxurious fabrics like satin were 54 cents a yard.

A quick draw is essential to Western movies, and McGraw's mastery would add one more tool to his cowboy tool belt. He already knows how to ride horses and lasso a wild bull — there's a whole set of skills most fans of his music didn't know he had. We've compiled them in this video:

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