I went to sleep on the eve of my 44th birthday Monday night thinking about how if I live to be 90, I'm almost at the midway point of this amazing journey.  I have a ton to be thankful for! And while I've certainly made my share of mistakes, here are some things I've learned over the years about what grown men over the age of 40 shouldn't be doing.

  • Drinking Mt. Dew
  • Wearing sandals or flip-flops UNLESS you're at the beach
  • Engaging in Facebook spats, airing out of dirty laundry or passive agressive posts
  • Wearing a sports teams jersey (unless it's at a game)
  • Over-celebrating your birthday
  • Eating gummy worms
  • Using a fork to eat sushi
  • Taking softball way seriously
  • Wearing #69 on your jersey
  • Using Snap Chat filters
  • Gossiping

Now these are merely suggestions and certainly we can agree to disagree on many or even all of these. With the excpetion of flip flops or sandals.  I ain't wavering on that!



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