By the time I finish writing this, the GNA Secret Star Accoustic Jam (Proctors Theatre May 3rd) will be almost completely sold out.  Sure, it's a great value at under $30 and every seat is pretty much a great seat, but it still blows my mind that people flooded our station website and sold out a show for concert where you don't even know who's performing!

Perhaps that's part of the excitement.  It's like Country Christmas all wrapped up and live on stage. Over the years, GNA has had some pretty amazing artists grace the stage at the Secret Star Accoustic Jam; The Band Perry, Justin Moore, Randy Houser to name a few.  So there's real equity there, and trust.

Imagine if a new restaurant opened up in town, but refused to tell you what they served.  Chances are you'd pass, and stick to the steakhouse down the street where you know they have the NY Strip you like. Or if the NFL tried to sell you on a game at Met Life Stadium, but didn't say who's playing, you'd probably say "No thank you."   Have you watched those Thursday Night Football games?  Not all football is created equal.

This is a testament to the power of Country music and the GNA fans that listen to it.  It's a massive two way street and it's not like this everywhere.  I used to be on a radio station that would tell you 50,000 times who was performing, and judging by the size of the crowds in attendance, you kinda got the feeling they were buying their dinner at the steakhouse down the street.



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