As we continue to deal with the Delta surge, another COVID variant is now showing up in the Empire State.

If there is one thing we have learned during the COVID pandemic is to be ready for the unexpected as the experts still seem to be learning about the virus. One thing we have learned is even with the vaccine, the mutating virus is still a challenge to deal with. And now another mutation has shown up in New York.

According to a New York Upstate report, the Mu variant is showing up with at this point a small number of cases. The variant which comes from South America currently represents under .5 percent of New York Covid cases. The new strain is not "consider(ed) immediate threat" but it is something that will need to be watch.

It seems the Delta surge is not dying down just yet, as Governor's Hochul referred to infection rates as still "ticking up" in a press conference yesterday. While statewide they are inching up, the Capital Region daily infection rate continues to hover right around 4.5 percent.

Just like any virus COVID will continue to mutate and it seems like we keep having bad luck with more dangerous strains. Let's hope some of these mutations end up being less infectious and more harmless forms of the virus in the future. Give us a little help here Mother Nature!

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