Warning About Pet Medications
Pet owners need to be aware of a medication for your dogs and cats that can cause your pets to become sick. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing a warning.
Cold Medicine Recall
There is a popular cold medicine that is being voluntarily recalled. It has to do with this product mislabeling the ingredients. So before you take anything in your medicine cabinet, make sure you read on.
FDA Dog Treat Warning
We all try to protect our furry friends and sometimes it's good to be reminded of the things that can be harmful to our dogs. The FDA has issued a few reminders and treats to avoid.
Is Splenda Safe?
I am not a doctor. I am not selling a book, or a pill. I am not a researcher or a scientist.  I am not taking money or being payed in any way by anyone in the "sweetener" industry. I am a Slenda consumer.
I wish that everyone who wrote about the "proposed" dangers of Splenda, (suc…
Eating Banned Foods?
There are a lot of banned food ingredients overseas which somehow are allowed to be sold in the United States. The United States has the FDA which is meant to actively help people stay healthy and the government has done a lot to help protect us from bad or fatal food-borne illnesses.  But for some…
FDA Changing Gluten Free Food Labels
For all you supporters of "gluten free" food or customers of food with no gluten in them, the Food & Drug Administration plans to revamp the labeling of those products.
New Labels for Sunscreen
New guidelines were issued yesterday by the Food & Drug Administration regarding sunscreen and their labels.
Cancer Causing Cola
According to the consumer advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington, the artificial caramel coloring used in many cola drinks may cause cancer.