Alison Krauss

Willie Nelson Bringing New Band Of Outlaws To SPAC
Last September when Willie Nelson's Outlaw Music Festival rolled up to SPAC, fans couldn't get enough of the goods. Tens of thousands churned out to see Willie and his band of outlaws rock the Spa.  This years Outlaw Music Festival is shaping up to be even bigger and more exciting and we can't wait …
Taylor Swift’s ‘Country’ Version of ‘Red’
Taylor Swift has been at the center of the 'what's country' and 'what's not country' debate for the last couple of years. Much like 90s hit-maker Shania Twain, Swift has managed to dominate both Country and Pop radio, but as of late it seems her success leans more towar…
Taylor's 'Red'
Taylor Swift's performance of 'Red' with Vince Gill and Alison Krauss didn't just earn the 23-year-old a standing ovation at the 2013 CMA Awards, it also generated quite the buzz -- so much so that radio stations and iTunes already have the song.

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