A scary incident took place on the Thruway in Schenectady recently involving a car barreling through a work zone.

After seeing the video below, you will first be thankful that no one was hurt during this dangerous crash recently on Interstate 90 in Schenectady. Then you will realize why there is such a need for so much signage and caution around our highway construction workers. Despite the call for caution and awareness, it is mind-blowing something like this could happen.

In the dramatic video below, you will see a car barely squeeze between this construction truck and the guardrail at high speed and then veer out of control across the highway. It is a miracle no workers were hurt and a serious collision was avoided.

In another tweet, the Thruway said the crew had just returned to their vehicle only 20 seconds before the crash. To show you just how close a call this was, you can see the damage to the truck in the photo below. It looks like the fuel tank was actually ripped off, which could have turned out much worse than it did.

It sobering thinking of the danger highway construction workers face every day when working on our roadways to keep us safe. WNYT Channel 13 recently did an eye-opening piece about highway workers recalling some of those incidents, and it is hard to believe how frequently they happen. While they keep our roadways safe, the least we can do is return the favor and keep them safe as well. Take it easy out there!

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