While many people in the Capital Region seemed to be enjoying "maskless Wednesday" and the freedom associated with lesser restrictions, area local businesses are struggling to find the right balance between keeping their customers and employees safe while meeting government expectations. Think it's a bit tricky?  You're not wrong.

The popular Saratoga's Broadway Deli in Saratoga Springs is fed up with the fighting and bickering inside the deli that has been going on for well over a year now.

After a year-and-a-half of confusion, miscommunication and indecisiveness when it comes to mask protocol between their staff and patrons, management has had enough.

"It was a dick move by the government to put the onus of public health on the shoulders of business owners."  Saratoga Broadway Deli, Facebook

In a Facebook post designed to inform their customers about what to expect when they come in and eat their food, they also took a shot at "government" who they say chickened out on taking a hard-lined, decisive stance.  And by "government," it's a pretty safe bet to assume they were referring to "The King" himself, Mr. Andrew Mark Cuomo.  Here's what the post from Wednesday morning said:

The post has been shared dozens of times and commented on quite a bit as well with nearly everyone applauding them for their unabashed honesty.

One person comment in particular named Christopher Dawson wrote:

"Never been to your establishment but I saw the post and you've got a customer in me moving forward. Looking forward to coming up and trying you out."

At least Christopher knows what's up when he enters Saratoga's Broadway Deli as it was mapped out for him clearly and concisely.  If only our government could do the same.

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