Bluegrass star Rhonda Vincent noticed money was missing in her tour bus safe. Instead of simply sitting and letting her hard-earned cash slip away, she decided to do something about it - -and caught the thief with a strategically-placed hidden camera.

Vincent tells WSMV that when she first began seeing money disappear, it really shook her. "I'm shaking, just the thought that someone had violated -- this is like our home," she recalls.

Ever watchful, she began realizing the thefts ended whenever she went on tour, meaning it must be happening while her bus was parked at Hemphill Brothers Coach Company in White Creek, which is home to many country star's tour buses when not on the road.

Vincent, known as 'The True Queen of Bluegrass,' decided to set up a hidden camera inside an alarm clock, which had a live camera feed and video feed. She also placed dusting powder on $6,000 before locking it in the safe.

Sure enough, her efforts caught the thief, Adam Parker, in action. And the $6,000 was no longer in the safe. Parker was hired by Hemphill to clean her bus and Vincent adds, "This guy had been going through our bus, pilfering through all our stuff."

Parker pleaded guilty in court and when asked why he stole money from the singer's safe, he gave this reply. "Ah, people make mistakes, man."

He was also seen going into Tim McGraw and Montgomery Gentry's tour buses, but the 'Highway Don't Care' hitmaker's management said they had nothing to contribute to the story, and Gentry's manager confirmed they were not aware of missing cash aboard the tour bus.

Hemphill released a statement reading, "Once the identity of the employee was discovered, his employment was terminated and we cooperated with Ms. Vincent to report the matter to the Metro Police Department. In 34 years we have never had something like this to occur."

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