Outdoor concerts are returning with a vengeance in New York this summer and for early fall, and things are looking up for some of our great local theatres as well.

With the progress of COVID vaccinations and dwindling infection rates, it is no surprise that outdoor venues like SPAC have gotten super active of late adding shows to their schedules and getting ready for the return of live events. But with that progress moving so well, indoor venues are following suit.

With show announcements like Lady A at the Times Union Center October 9th and Sara Evans at Troy Music Hall October 3rd some of our favorite indoor venues are really picking up steam too and the Albany Business Review (ABR) says the Palace Theatre is getting plans in place for their reopening this summer. It was certainly a very difficult year for the venue as they only brought in $650,000 in revenue according to ABR. Their operating budget usually hovers around $5.5 million.

The Palace theater's first event on their calendar is slated for July 23rd. Like several other area venues, things are sporadic for the summer months with events really picking up steam in the fall. This will include an October 30th concert starring Brothers Osborne. Like outdoor venues, vaccination guidance will most likely come into play for indoor events once they get going and should lead to pretty high capacity limits moving forward. With everything else getting closer to normal this summer, it is just a matter of time for our local indoor concert venues as well!


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