New Yorkers will now have another convenient option to carry and store their driver's license or legal identification.

Governor Hochul Announces New York Mobile ID

Governor Hochul announced today that the New York Department of Motor Vehicles has launched the NY Mobile ID which the Governor's office says is "...a highly secure digital version of a state-issued driver license, learner permit or ID on a smartphone." The new New York Mobile ID app is already available for download from Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iPhones and anyone with a state-issued license, ID, or learner's permit will be able to use the app.

The Governor's office says those who want to use the app for their ID must register the phone number the app will be on, and the Mobile ID can only be used on "... one device at a time to help protect their identity." A user's identity will be verified by uploading photos of the front and back of their physical ID and a selfie. The DMV will then confirm a user's identity before the ID becomes active on the specified device.


Where Will This Mobile ID Be Accepted?

The Governor's office says the new mobile UD option will be accepted at 30 participating airports nationwide and businesses and establishments that choose to participate and accept the mobile ID. According to the TSA website, JFK and LaGuardia are the only New York airports currently participating in the program But with the new mobile ID now arriving in the Empire State, you have to imagine Albany and our smaller regional airports will soon accept the mobile ID. The TSA also says travelers can use the digital ID to board a flight, but must still have their physical ID on hand if needed for reference.

Some folks are old school with this kind of thing, but for those on board with digital technology, this is a great addition to your digital wallet to make flashing your ID a little easier. No more trying to dig it out of that clear slot in your wallet!

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