There has been a lot of buzz over the last few months about what is happening at the old Latham KMart location, and word is you will get to see what it is all about in September.

This is a story we have been following for a bit now.

We first learned back in March that the old Latham K-Mart at 195 Troy-Schenectady Road was being transformed into an upscale restaurant called the Scarlet Knife. The space will not only include an open concept and kitchens but would also feature an homage to the old KMart!

Now, we are getting more details about this restaurant and when they will be open for business!

When Will the Scarlett Knife in Latham Be Opening?

According to their website, the new restaurant will be opening next month - September 2022! Now menus have yet to be posted on the website, but the Scarlet Knife Facebook page has been very active with updates on the building process as well as some photos of their culinary delights as they have been doing tastings as they prep their fall offerings.

According to an Albany Business Journal report, the restaurant will source a "...variety of locally grown and raised foods (that) will be reflected on the menu." Gotta love the support for our local farms! There will also be a dessert room and a full pastry kitchen.

For Capital Region foodies the Scarlet Knife is shaping up to have a stunning menu and atmosphere and its arrival is something to certainly look forward to in the weeks ahead.

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