Ready for yet another fun entry into the nation-wide police force #lipsyncchallenge? This time, the latest bit of viral fun—which has police officers across the country belting out their favorite songs, posting to social media, and challenging their peers to top their performance—involves a favorite Midland hit.

Texas constable Michael Skrobarcek, who serves Guadalupe County, accepted the challenge and recruited a local radio pal to both amuse viewers and deliver an important message about driving under the influence.

The video, posted to Skrobarcek's Facebook account, features San Antonio's Randy Carroll, who co-hosts the morning show on radio KJ97. Carroll does the honors of playing a  hapless drunk who gets pulled over for driving a lawn mower under the influence (hearkening, of course, back to that infamous George Jones incident back in the '60s). Once in custody, Carroll and Skrobarcek trade off verses from Midland's debut single "Drinkin' Problem."

While the results of their effort are undeniably amusing, Skrobarcek puts a prudent warning on the clip: "These videos are made for fun and for you to enjoy. Please don't drink and drive." Meanwhile, Carroll adds a PSA at the end of the video: "If you have a drinking problem, and if you're drinking and driving, please don't do that—even on a tractor. It's serious business. Call Uber, get a ride. And if you have a drinking issue, please get help."

We're on board with that, so please take note while you enjoy their performance.

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