One of the greatest things about country music is the connection and accessibility that the fans have with the artists. But when an artist reaches a point of super stardom, that accessibility can be hard to maintain. Except with country's biggest superstar, Luke Bryan.


Last week, after Luke Bryan performed at SPAC in Saratoga Springs, Albany's WGNA received a letter from Marjorie, an Albany-area resident and the mother of 4-year-old Riley. Riley has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of Autism.

Marjorie didn't want anything other than to let the station know how much Luke Bryan—and his music—meant to her son.

"We went to Luke's concert Sunday night and had great seats. It looked like [Luke] tried to read my son's shirt, but couldn't or didn't understand it. It said 'Luke Bryan is one of the pieces to my puzzle,' and he truly is," Marjorie said.

Marjorie went on to explain just how Luke Bryan's music affects her son. "When Riley pretends to be Luke, he is a whole other person. He not afraid or shy. He has confidence and feels free. Every time Luke turned his hat around during the concert, so did Riley. On our way out of the show, Riley pulled me down and said 'I didn't know all the songs mommy. I need to learn all the songs.' He just loves music. Sorry for such a long letter, but I just want Luke and all other artists to know that their music is a powerful thing and truly helps those with disabilities to express themselves and get through rough parts of their day."


WGNA forwarded this letter to Luke and asked if he would call in and talk to Riley. He immediately agreed.

Watch the video below of Luke talking to Riley.

This was a great moment, much bigger than the station, or even Luke, helping to create a moment in a boy's life that he will never forget. And even if he does, at least for the moment, it lets this little boy who is going through so much feel as special as he truly is.

The fun part: WGNA invited Marjorie and Riley to come in and tour the studio and perhaps talk about how music can build bridges with some children with Autism, but neither of them knew that Luke was on the phone and listening the entire time!

Watch what happened:

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