We may not be gathering at SPAC this weekend, so let's keep the Countryfest tradition alive on your radio.

Yes, the pandemic will keep us from getting together Sunday for what would have been the biggest party of the summer at SPAC. But when life gives you lemons, we say make a cocktail with a lemon wedge!

Listen in this Saturday night as we recreate Countryfest 2020 with a 2 hour concert on your radio. We'll feature plenty of great songs from the artists that were supposed to take the SPAC stage this weekend, and we'll have a little fun along the way.

So get your tailgate set up on the driveway Saturday afternoon. play a little beer pong and cornhole and join me, Brian and Chrissy for a party on your radio featuring Brantley Gilbert with Chris Janson, Jordan Davis and Lauren Alaina.

We may not be together at SPAC for Countryfest this year, but we are always together in spirit through the Country music we love and that is what we will celebrate this Saturday night!

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