There is just something that hits differently when you dine at an establishment that has been open for years.

Whether it is the presentation of the food or just the vibe of a restaurant, you know a classic when you are dining in one. The classic cuisine aficionados at Food and Wine recently went on a quest to identify these classic institutions in every state to honor and highlight the restaurants they say help make the "unique fingerprint on this vast, remarkably diverse thing we call American food." This quest led them right to downtown Troy to find one of New York state's most classic eateries serving up a Capital Region favorite dish.


Why are mini hot dogs in Upstate New York buried in great toppings a thing?

It does not get more unique, classic, and tasty than these mini dogs. Before I moved Upstate, I never had 'em! According to All About Albany, the mini hot dog was introduced to the Albany area in 1922 when Greek immigrant Strateds Fentekes started serving them at his restaurant New Way Lunch. This eventually became the local fave we know today as Hot Dog Charlies, a legend in its own right.

But for the foodies at Food and Wine, it is another restaurant that reaches New York classic status by serving up these pint-sized franks!

Food and Wine Names Famous Lunch One of NY's Most Classic Restaurants

Locally we know all about Famous Lunch in Troy and their DELICIOUS famous mini-franks, and Food and Wine gives them a nod as one of the most Classic restaurants in the state of New York. Those mini-franks really feel like a Capital Region original, and here is what they have to say about this Troy favorite:

Upstate, the fun starts all over again, from the mini hot dog culture (with meat sauce, mustard, and onion) of the Capital District, where Famous Lunch, a Troy staple, since 1932 is your first stop.

The foodie website also recognizes restaurants from New York City and Buffalo as having classic status! But remember Upstate, Famous Lunch is your first stop for this Capital Region classic.

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