Lee Brice started college like many 18 year olds and thought his life would go in one direction. He enrolled at Clemson University to become a civil engineer but a couple of years later, after a trip to Nashville, the singer's life changed forever. He discusses that change with Taste of Country Nights.

Brice is multi-talented. Not only does he sing and write music, but he also played football for Clemson for a year and a half. "I got a lot of offers to play at some small schools and stuff but my goal was to play there,” the 'I Don't Dance' singer tells Sam Alex about fulfilling that first dream. Then tragedy struck when Brice got injured.

"I grew up in South Carolina and so I wanted to play there and I earned a starting position so at that point when I got hurt it was like OK and then it just wasn’t going to get better. My elbow just got completely kind of destroyed.”

Although he was hurt, he still remained a supporter of his favorite college football team. Then, on spring break, he decided to take a trip to Nashville. That trip changed Brice's life forever -- he knew he had to be in Nashville making music. Brice made the difficult decision to leave Clemson and move to Music City.

When he visited he had the opportunity to meet Reba McEntire's niece, Autumn, and several other people who would change his new dream of playing music. “I just came up here with no money, stayed with a friend and that week met a publisher. I met my producer,” Brice explains. “This is where I had to be so when I came and visited I knew.”

Brice also talks about meeting his wife in the interview above. His new album is slotted for release later this year.

Sam Alex is the host of Taste of Country Nights radio, a syndicated night show which airs on more than 50 Townsquare Media Group stations nationwide.

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