A new study found that four grocery stores in New York have "the worst prices."

The website Solitaired recently did a study into the "Best and Worst Individual Grocery Stores in the U.S."

Solitaire Company Released Grocery Store Study


Why would a company that focuses on solitaire and other games care about grocery stores? Well, company officials were shocked to find out that many users play solitaire while waiting in line at a grocery store.

"It got us wondering what grocery stores provide the best experience," Solitaired writer Neal Taparia states in his article. "Which stores are America’s favorites? And which have the most complaints?

Hudson Valley Post looked at the results to see how the information might impact our readers in New York State.

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4 New York Grocery Stores Offer "Worst Prices"


Solitaired ranked the 50 grocery stores with the "worst prices" in the United States.

Four are located in New York. Take a look.

All four are located in New York City.

"To find these answers and more, we analyzed Google reviews from 3,000 individual grocery stores across 100 cities to highlight which ones stand out in customer service, food quality, prices, and yes, even the speed of their checkout lines," Taparia states in his article about the methodology.

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