Former New York baseball coach, Hensley Meulens, is in a great deal of trouble with the federal government.

Meulens, who is currently the hitting coach for the Colorado Rockies, posted a video on his Instagram account of him sitting in the cockpit of a plane. Take a look at the video, which has since been deleted from his account:

Meulens is sitting in the cockpit of a moving plane traveling from Toronto to Denver, and per an article from Yahoo!, was openly joking about landing the plane himself. His presence in the cockpit actually broke two separate rules; he violated FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations, while also violating United Airlines' company policies.

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The FAA is currently investigating the incident, and the pilots who were flying the plane have been withheld from piloting any other flights while said investigation is ongoing.

Born in Curaçao, Meulens made his MLB debut with the New York Yankees in 1989, remaining with the club until 1993 as a utility player. He would also play games with the Montreal Expos and Arizona Diamondbacks during his professional career.

His last season playing professionally was 2000.

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Meulens began coaching in the minor leagues in 2003. He was named the New York Mets' bench coach, under Luis Rojas, for the 2020 MLB season, a position which he held for one year. He worked as an assistant hitting coach for the New York Yankees during the 2022 season, and was hired by Colorado as their hitting coach ahead of the 2023 season.

He is currently in his second season with the Rockies in that capacity.

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