I don't really spend much time thinking about how different our family is from a traditional family but on Mother's Day, I noticed. We were at Ryan's baseball game and they had the kids give their moms flowers and special cookies after the game. It was a beautiful moment. What made it more special is that I was celebrated too on Mother's Day.

I know you are probably thinking, of course, you were celebrated, you are his mom too. But it has not always been that way and I was fine with that too. Jenn adopted Ryan from foster care and has been part of his life since he was just seven weeks old. Jenn officially adopted him when he was two-and-a-half. I have also been in his life since he was a few months old but not full-time until a few years ago. What I mean is that, on paper, or legally, I am not recognized as Ryan's other mom. (We will change that after we are married later this year.)

But it is really nice when everyone goes out of their way to make sure I am recognized and celebrated on Mother's Day and all year long. Yesterday, at Ryan's game, all of the moms went onto the field after his baseball game and each son gave their moms flowers, cookies, and hugs and kisses. Ryan was lucky because he got to give his two moms all of the love. I feel truly loved and blessed to call him my son. And it's definitely alright that he calls me Chrissy and doesn't call me mom.

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