Kenny took last summer off from his annual stadium tour, but a cryptic tweet from Gillette Stadium earlier today could indicate his return.

If you are a Kenny Chesney fan, you know he will occasionally take a summer off here and there from his stadium tour to recharge or maybe do something different. But he usually comes back with a vengeance after a summer off. Could this tweet from Gillette Stadium mean another stadium tour is imminent?

Let's break down the tweet below from Gillette Stadium: Kenny has played 19 shows at Gillette Stadium, and this Twitter video counts to '20' and then closes with '2020.' If I am reading between the lines correctly, this means tomorrow we could get the news we want for next summer: Chesney's return to Gillette for Foxborough show #20. Let's hope I am correct! If I am, this could also mean a full tour announcement and maybe a MetLife Stadium show too if that is your preferred Kenny destination. Bring on summer 2020!


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