Who knew the drive-thru convenience store was a thing!

Drive-thru coffee. Drive-thru fast food. But drive-thru milk and eggs? That is what Farm Stores specialize in and they could have their sights set on Halfmoon as they look to expand. According to an Albany Business Review story, the convenience store chain has purchased land at the intersection of Route 8 and 236. Nothing is official yet as no official plans have been submitted to town officials for approval.

Since the pandemic began, drive-thru everything has become the norm. Curbside pick-up has made that a reality with its availability at pretty much every retail outlet in the Capital Region. But pre-pandemic, who knew drive-thru convenience stores were a thing?

Farm Stores is a thing and Albany Business Review (ABR) says they currently operate almost 70 stores in Florida and are looking to expand in the Northeast. In a post-pandemic world where everything is curbside, maybe that idea does not seem so unique but their store setup certainly is and it is built for convenience. ABR says the Farm Stores are retrofitted shopping containers made to look like barns where you simply drive up to the building where an employee will fulfill your order of milk, eggs, and other convenience store-type items together.

So the next time you are preparing that bg Sunday breakfast and need some emergency eggs, or if you just want a super easy option to grab some produce, there could be a specialty store for easy drive-thru coming "down the road" in Halfmoon.

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