Thousands of people are flocking to Saratoga every day this summer to take part in a pastime that has been going on at the Racecourse for more than 150 years, but not everyone is so excited.

Protestors line the streets leading up to the track in a normal year, but this year seems to be a particularly bad year for the horses on the Saratoga Racecourse. Nine horses have died to date in Saratoga. Since 2009 there have been an average of 11 horses per summer who have life-ending injuries. But, thousands die every year on U.S. tracks.

NYRA is working tirelessly to help diminish the number of horse deaths every year at the track, but protestors don't think it's enough. They want to put a permanent end to horse racing.

What do you think? Should we put an end to horse racing in Saratoga? Should we ban it in the U.S.?

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