For starters, let me start off by saying how horrible I feel for Indonesian farmer, Akbar, who was killed (and eaten WHOLE) by a python at the tender age of 25.  It's awful, it's tragic, and I think it's safe to say the local villagers are emotionally and mentally scarred after such a horrific event. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

With that being said, of all the ways to die, I'm putting "eaten by python" at or near the top of my bad-a$$ list of "ways to go."

Add the fact that it almost never ever happens, and it's even more rad! Here's a few (in no particular order) ways I wouldn't mind "kickin' the ol bucket" that would be memorable, awe-inspiring, and totally and completely unconventional. Let your imagination run wild with these beauts!  Shark attack, plane crash, eaten by a dinosaur, having a meteor fall on your head, trampled by Victoria Secrets runway models, and skydiving parachute failure.  Boom.  There's my list.

Now, I know you're thinking, "Brian, you're a morbid sick and twisted human being."  And I'm not saying you're wrong, but, my point is this; we're all gonna die at some point and when our number is called, our time is up. I don't wanna die from "old age".  That's so lame. I wanna get torn to bits by a T-Rex, but hopefully not at least till I'm 90, I've yet to go skydiving!

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