It is always an exciting time for fans of country music when 2 talented singers with huge fan bases fall in love and become a family unit in wedlock.

Just this weekend Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert who have been a couple for about 6 years finally tied the knot to take the throne as country music's "power couple". Their love is undeniable and I think they will be married until they die. For some of country music's marriages things didn't work out so well. I thought I would take a looks at 3 of the ones that did not work out, and 2 of them involve Lorrie Morgan who just can't seem to stay married to anyone.

George Jones and Tammy Wynette

The true King and Queen of country music were George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Each of them had a laundry list of solo hits, and a few smash hits as a duet too. George was the top male force in country music at the time they got married and Tammy was the top lady in the business. Well, time went by and George Jones liked to party and drink way too much with his buddy Johnny Paycheck back in the day so Tammy threw in the towel and they divorced. Here they are as a couple singing their #1 hit "Golden Ring".

Lorrie Morgan and Keith Whitley

Lorrie Morgan has married two big male country music stars plus many others over the years. Her first husband in the country music world was the legendary Keith Whitley. I still believe that if Keith didn't die as a result of losing his battle with alcoholism that these 2 would still be married. They truly loved each other. Here's one of Keith Whitley's greatest hits and one of the best country songs ever recorded, his original version of "When You Say Nothing At All". The song went #1 twice, once with Keith Whitley and years later in a remake by Alison Krauss and Union Station.

Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw

Lorrie Morgan takes the third slot in my "failed country music marriage countdown" with her marriage and eventual divorce with Louisiana native and country music giant Sammy Kershaw. On top of singing, the two also opened a great eatery in Nashville called "Hot" which was my favorite place to go for a meal in town. Unfortunately when the marriage crashed, so did the business. Here's a duet that Lorrie and Sammy did together when they were still married called "He Drinks Tequila".

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