A clinical trial for a COVID-19 vaccine began today according to federal officials.

It is some good news today as researchers try to find ways to combat the coronavirus. According to a WNYT report, a vaccine trial kicked off today on one person. The report also states 45 other participants will be a part of vaccine testing. Unfortunately, the vaccine would not be ready for immediate use. WNYT report says testing could take up to 18 months. While this will not help in the short term, hopefully, this means we are prepared for the coronavirus in the years to come.

On the short term front, President Trump did say in a press conference earlier today viral drug treatments are also in the works, though he did not set a timetable on when they may be available.

The best course of action for all of us right now is prevention. So stay safe, stay close to home and keep checking back here for information regarding this outbreak and the measures being taken to curb it.

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