Almost 3 million New Yorkers are hungry every day.  25% of families in the Capital District don't have enough food.  And 1 in 5 kids goes to school hungry every day.  Not in New York City, not in another country, but right here in our area.

I don't know about you, but I'm not okay with those numbers.  So, I decided to team up with some of my awesome co-workers here at 'GNA to do what radio should do!  We decided to use the power of the greatest radio station in the Capital District to help fix this problem!

We asked some of our youngest, and favorite listeners - high school students - to get together and help collect nonperishable food products for their peers in need.  And, as a reward, we are giving the school with the most pride and the biggest heart a huge party and tickets to see one of the hottest movies to hit the big screen this year.

The school who collected the most will win a Flight Trampoline Park Party and tickets to Mockingjay Part 1!

Well, this little experiment went better than anyone could have hoped!  Together with

  • Cohoes High School
  • Burnt Hills – Ballston Lake
  • Notre Dame – Bishop Gibbons
  • Columbia High School
  • Mohonasen High School
  • Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School
  • Duanesburg High School
  • Shenendehowa High School

We raised over 20,000 pounds of food!  20,000 pounds of food!  And, all that food will stay right here in the Capital District!

Thanks to our major sponsor, Honest Weight Food Co-op.  We couldn't do it without them!  And they are a food drop off location, so if you are over there shopping, you can drop off some food for needy folks anytime!

All of the food was collected from the schools by our friends at Morris Ford and our awesome promotions team, Tom and Kate!  It was taken to County Waste to be weighed, quickly and accurately.  And now..... it's time to annouce the winner!

They collected the most pounds of food total, and the most pounds per student!

Have fun at your party, guys!  You deserve it!


Photo: Courtney Carr
Photo: Courtney Carr


School Rank by Pounds per Student
RankNamePounds per Student
1stNotre Dame-Bishop Gibbons38.678
3rdBurnt Hills-Ballston Lake2.881

Thanks to Justin Abbott from our sales team for all his help putting this contest together - it truly wouldn't have happened without him. Also to Ariana, Courtney, Tom, Kate, and Steve Paris! You guys are the best!

Photo: Courtney Carr
Photo: Courtney Carr
Photo: Courtney Carr
Photo: Courtney Carr
Photo: Courtney Carr
Photo: Courtney Carr

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